Which scrunch bikini bottom flatters your butt the most?

Unless you’ve got bumps like JLo (Jennifer Lopez), buying the right sized bikini bottom could be traumatizing for you! Even if you are not in show business, you must get the perfect sized bikini bottom for you to feel confident.

Whether you are up to buying a bathing suit just to flaunt your attractive assets in private, or after dieting and training to have a toned physique, we can understand the importance of a perfectly sized two-piece bikini.


Anyone can sport a bikini!

To be frank, you don’t need to have Victoria’s Secret supermodels-like body to wear a two piece and feel sexy! All you need is a Peach Buns bathing suit designed with good knowledge about flattering tops and bottoms for your individual body structure.

Amongst all the styles to choose from, the scrunch butt bikinis are now most trendy in the global fashion world. From celebrities to sport persons, it has gained tremendous acceptance. This has lots to do with the way the scrunch accentuates every butt, no matter what size or shape you are.


Only the right size will make difference

Sounds a little weird, I know,  but If you have search this phrase ”bikini bottom” on Google, you will come across thousands of results and there you get a clear concept of what these bottoms are like, and how one can make your booty more beautiful!

According to the size, shape, color and structure, human butts are different and not all women have similar types. So, let’s get a brief of the types of butt shapes today’s girl might have. So many names for them all You might call them as:

  • Big Butt
  • Round butts
  • Flat butts
  • Apple bottom
  • Small butt
  • Curvy butt
  • Peach Bum

The best thing is that despite of different shapes and sizes, you can have a scrunch bikini bottom for yourself!

After all, the whole purpose of making so many classifications is to make your hips appear just perfect when you put on your Peach Buns bikini. Now, if you have large hips, any other bikini bottom will make it appear clumsy for no reasons. Similarly, if you have small butts, you need to select the bottom size as per that. After all, you need  to choose the best style to accentuate your curves, and at the same time look and feel comfortable.

It goes without any mention that a perfect fit scrunch butt bikini would make your booty look like  WOW!

We also understand that the material of the bikini also demands sincere attention from you. It should feel soft, and stretchy to skin and touch for the most comfortable fit  You can’t compromise quality for cost on some designs and styles. Keep this in mind while making your important summer swimwear choice!


Where to find the best bikini bottom

You can visit the most popular retail chains nearest you in search of your favorite brands of swimwear, but limited sized stocks are always a concern for the woman with different size top than on her bottom. On the Contrary to shopping at Peach Buns online retailer, you make the choice separately in the style and the size of top and bottom from many options! We are here to help make the shopping experience a relaxing one. This online experience helps when you are buying bikinis, lingerie,  and others private accessory items. You can explore the newest trendy designs and styles from the convenience of your own house with quality and sincere customer service. You can concentrate on the style and design you wish to see on your body, and we will make sure you choose the right

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